Welcome to Richard D. Smith’s Website


PPL Local Author Day_4_12_2014

Welcome back, or welcome first-timers.

IMPORTANT:  Stay safe & healthy during the current coronavirus crisis.

And be kind & respectful to our Asian-American fellow citizens. They are not to blame for this pandemic, and we must all help each other — as witness the second featured selection on my “Newspaper/Magazine Articles” page.

Also new and featured:

How the City Beef & Provisions company — one of “the last steers standing” in Trenton, NJ’s once-busy meat-packing district — has survived the cullings of the COVID-19 crisis (Hint: loyal walk-up customers have been crucial) …

And my essay for the Library of Congress on Bill Monroe’s classic bluegrass music waltz “Blue Moon of Kentucky” (which, intriguingly, helped launch the career of Elvis Presley) …

In addition to pages about my books and journalism, there’s a section on my music (featuring videos of on-stage performances) and a section on my writing for the theater (featuring an all-star cast of fun photos!).

Check back soon for additional news, photos, links — and more.

Again … stay safe & healthy! (The coronavirus is for real; masks and social distancing really do go a long ways in protecting us.)


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