Welcome to Richard D. Smith’s Website


PPL Local Author Day_4_12_2014

Hello past or new visitors:

We’re indeed living in challenging times, from economic stresses and persistent pandemics to political crises – and even war.

May we all rise to meet our challenges. And let’s be moved to help those whose challenges are dauntingly steep and immeasurably tragic. 

In addition to my books and newspaper / magazine journalism, here you’ll find sections on my music and theatre work.

Very good recent news: I’ve been co-creating an original two-act Off-Off Broadway-style comedy/thriller entitled Tentacles! The H.P. Lovecraft Musical. 

An abbrievated “in concert” version of Tentacles! Act One will have its world premiere on August 18 or 19 in Providence, R.I., at the “NecronomiCon.” The “Con” (as in convention) is a multi-day event celebrating the horror fantasy writings of Lovecraft, now considered among the three greatest American masters of uncanny literature, along with Edgar Allan Poe and Stephen King.

Return for future updates as we mount the production … 

Thanks and best! 


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