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Can’t You Hear Me Callin’: The Life of Bill Monroe, Father of Bluegrass

“It is factually reliable, musically knowledgeable … and I cannot imagine its being bettered for a long time to come.”

— Terry Teachout, Sunday New York Times book section

Little, Brown & Co., 2000 (Hardcover) Reviews (with Paperback and Kindle information)

Sunday New York Times Review

Legendary Locals of Princeton

“[When] the history of the town is written and committed to perfect binding, it usually looks like the Chamber of Commerce membership roster … Not so, however, with the new book titled `Legendary Locals of Princeton,’ by Richard D. Smith … Perhaps his own eclectic background is what made Smith so appreciative of characters of all kinds.”

— Richard K. Rein, U.S. 1: Princeton’s Business & Entertainment Journal

Arcadia Publishing, 2014

On (with reader reviews)

Review, U.S. 1 Newspaper/

Then & Now: Princeton

Arcadia Publishing, 2007


Princeton University

Arcadia Publishing, 2005


Images of America: Princeton

Arcadia Publishing, 1997


Bluegrass: An Informal Guide

” … once you’ve read and absorbed Smith on bluegrass, you’ll know what it is and what it is not — and every bone-deep bluegrass fan will thank you for it.”

Ray Olson, Booklist (starred review)

a cappella/Chicago Review Press, 1995

Booklist (starred review)