Welcome to Richard D. Smith’s Website


PPL Local Author Day_4_12_2014

Welcome back, or welcome first-timers.

Among my recent and featured writing:

My latest article & photographs for the Montgomery News tell the affirming story of how members of a local gym freely gave up their Labor Day holiday to labor with their popular fitness instructor in cleaning out & cleaning up after Huricane Ida had caused the Millstone and Raritan rivers to rush and rise mercilessly

— My essay for the Library of Congress on Bill Monroe’s beloved bluegrass waltz “Blue Moon of Kentucky,” with the intriguing tale of how it  helped launch the career of Elvis Presley

— The latest developments and strategies in the fight against the invasive, voracious Spotted Lanternfly, which is increasingly infesting the eastern United States

— The unexpected crescendo of home piano sales caused by the coronavirus pandemic

And in addition to pages featuring my books and journalism, there are sections on my music — including a new post on my recent trip in a veritable bluegrass time machine, back to 1949 and the music’s origins

Check back soon for additional news, photos and links.

But … to come back, you’ll have to stay safe & healthy!

(Covid-19 is for real. And it’s becoming increasingly dangerous as new varieties develop. We’re in a war: Well-fitted gauze face coverings are our defensive gas masks and vaccinations are our best weapons. Protect yourself, your loved ones, our beloved country and even the Earth.)

Thanks and best wishes.