Newspaper/Magazine Articles

Here are a few favorites you may enjoy:

“Hulk Hogan Tells of Steroid Use” (The New York Times, July 15, 1994)

As a non-staff, freelance “stringer,” I didn’t get a byline on this one. But that’s fine.

I’ve had a long-time interest in pro wrestling as a cultural and business phenomenon. (The ring action may be “faked,” but its popularity and profits are very real.) So it was excellent that The Times let me cover the sensational Federal court steroid conspiracy trial of wrestling promoter Vince McMahon and his Titan Sports Corporation.

Terry Gene Bolea (a.k.a. “Hulk Hogan”) was one of the prosecution’s star witnesses. But Bolea honestly testified that he had a doctor’s prescription for anabolic steroids and that McMahon had never purchased the drugs for him nor ordered their use.

It wasn’t surprising that — in the end — McMahon and his company were found not guilty on all charges.

This is the best short-form, breaking-news item I’ve ever filed:

Hulk Hogan, on Witness Stand, Tells of Steroid Use in Wrestling

“The Human Face of the Infrastructure Crisis” (U.S. 1 Newspaper, August 24, 2016)

What happens when a beloved local coffee shop owned by an immigrant from Eastern Europe loses 40 percent of its business — literally overnight — because a bridge on a heavily used road is closed for replacement? And then the state doesn’t have money to finish the project?

After a painfully prolonged delay, the new bridge on busy Route 518 was finally completed and the coffee shop managed to stay in business. But this New Jersey story previews the ominous infrastructure crisis facing all America:

A Bridge to Somewhere, But Going Nowhere